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Real Estate Technology Start-Up

Avestor Inc. is a real estate technology start-up based out of Portland, Oregon. Throughout my 8-week summer internship, I worked directly with the co-founders to build a brand identity and design their initial website.​



Avestor inc. is all about revolutionizing real estate investing and enabling investors/fund managers a simple way to invest in various opportunities. 

I wanted to incorporate the company's mission, vision, and business model into their overall brand identity system.  

In the form of a wordmark, Avestor's logo encompassed their unique ability to split real estate deals into several different parts. The 'o' is transformed into simple slices. 


When building the brand kit for Avestor, I wanted it to be easy to comprehend for non-designers. This would be handed off to their engineering team and other stakeholders. 

The brand guide includes: mission statement, promise statement, the logo, color palette, typography, and a few examples of application.

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