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Hello! A little more about me /

Ruchi means interest and light in my native language, Gujarati. Maybe my name is fitting, because you'll often find me skiing down the slopes, making hand-made cards, cooking a new recipe, or picnicking at the park.

TLDR: I have a lot of interests :)

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Travel is also a huge part of my life and I find myself having trouble staying in one place. Having been to 30 countries now, my experiences abroad heavily shape the way I think and help me take on challenges in my day to day.  


My passion for design grew at Oregon State University, where I joined the graphic design program. Each individual in our cohort of 40, brought a new perspective and was committed to the iterative process, unafraid of critique and collaboration. I gained exposure to the design world and UX/UI felt like the perfect reflection of my brain - logical and creative.


Now living in New York City, I'm able to fully immerse into the creative world. It's exhilarating - the intersection of design and technology has always been fascinating to me. Personalization, transparency, and AI are now at the forefront of every product. I'm intrigued to see how designers will have a voice in the conversation and integrate these capabilities into user experiences, while keeping ethics in mind. 

I love chai & chats, so don't hesitate to connect through socials below!

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